A group of performers wearing black, white, and green attire are dancing in a group while holding hands.

Dance Groups

Social dancing for every mood.

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A group of performers wearing brightly colored costumes dancing with one dancer being lifted into the air by two pairs of feet.

San Diego Civic Dance Arts

Dance for all, all for dance.

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Front entrance to the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theatre. The entrance has trees on its right and left sides. A yellow banner is seen hanging at the top of the entrance.

Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater

The art of puppetry for audiences of every age.

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A group of ballet dancers in black leotards are stretching their legs on ballet bars.

San Diego Civic Youth Ballet

Accessible classical ballet programs for students ages 4 and up.

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A group of young performers in costume performing a scene from Goodnight Mood.

San Diego Junior Theatre

Enhancing children's lives through innovative, high-quality theatre education and production.

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A group of young teenagers playing violins with sheet music on stands in front of them. Many of them can be see wearing face masks.

San Diego Youth Symphony

Fostering personal and collective growth through music and education.

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A diverse crowd of people sitting in the stands at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion.

Spreckels Organ Pavilion

Home to the largest outdoor pipe organ in the world.

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Starlight Bowl amphitheater looking down onto the rows of seats and the stage from above.

Starlight Bowl

A famous outdoor amphitheater setting its sights on showcasing rising stars under the stars.

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Seating area outside of the Old Glove theatre. A group of visitors can be see sitting at one of the many tables.

The Old Globe

Enjoy awarding-winning theatre featuring productions from all periods and styles.

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A vibrant and dynamic promotional image featuring a celestial-themed digital artwork with vivid colors and intricate patterns, conveying a sense of depth and exploration in the night sky. The image is created for DeepSky, a marketing campaign, and includes the DeepSky logo in the bottom right corner.