Whether it is your first visit, or your 10,000th, the nature and culture that fills Balboa Park never ceases to amaze. You can help to keep our Park beautiful, welcoming (signage and seating), historic, (maintaining statues and buildings), natural, (sponsoring gardens or planting new trees), and modern (enhancing lighting and technology), with a donation to your favorite organization, or volunteering your time with one of the many institutions.

Your support will help preserve, protect and maintain Balboa Park as a beautiful place for cultural activities and celebrations, appreciating the magnificent natural setting, and engaging in recreation.

To support the growth and maintenance of the Balboa Park website, free public Wi-Fi, and other museum and public technology projects, contribute to the Balboa Park Online Collaborative.

If you are interested in donating to a non-profit Balboa Park institution, there are many ways to do so through individual and corporate memberships, donations to exhibitions, performances, programs, capital campaigns, volunteerism, etc. Please refer to the website of the organization in which you are interested.

Also, there are several other nonprofit organizations that support Balboa Park.

The Balboa Park Conservancy is a public benefit, non-profit entity to assist and partner with the City with governance, fund-raising and management of Balboa Park.

The San Diego Foundation is helping ensure the future of Balboa Park with funds to preserve the trees, gardens, and historic buildings.

The Friends of Balboa Park creates projects to enhance the public’s enjoyment of San Diego’s Balboa Park.
Thank you for considering a contribution to Balboa Park!