• A vibrant and dynamic promotional image featuring a celestial-themed digital artwork with vivid colors and intricate patterns, conveying a sense of depth and exploration in the night sky. The image is created for DeepSky, a marketing campaign, and includes the DeepSky logo in the bottom right corner.

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These vibrant and intricately decorated objects are pysanky – a timeless art form of highly decorative eggs deeply rooted in Ukrainian heritage. Pysanky comes from the Ukrainian word pysaty, meaning “to write.” The eggs, which contain designs embedded with deep cultural significance, are often gifted as wishes for good fortune and protection. They also serve as a symbol of the Ukrainian Easter Holiday and secular celebrations of spring, national pride, perseverance, and peace.

The Ukrainian identity is rich in diversity and includes various ethnic groups, languages, and distinct cultural traditions. Each region, both within and outside the Ukraine, has their unique interpretations of pysanky. This kaleidoscope of expressions highlights the significance of this cultural heritage as an emblem of unity, identity, and resilience.

This installation is made possible with special thanks to pysanky artist Natalie Gebet.